Word On The Street Ohio, Inc

Our mission is to empower physically, mentally, socially, and psychologically–abused, oppressed, downtrodden, and hampered–men and women. Teaching them to recognize and create better opportunities to succeed in life. W.OTS.O. will implement educational programs, job and self-employment preparation, mentoring, and community awareness campaigns. Illuminating successes and working through obstructions to achieve goals. 

Our vision is to enhance the lives of those who have not experienced freedom nor success in life due to setbacks.  Our goal is to reduce recidivism, develop business leaders in the community, strengthen the family structure, and teaching spiritual renewal–reviving people back to their original purpose. 


Throughout life, we all face emotional or psychological events that severely impact our lives. How we cope with these events, especially adolescents, depend on factors outside of our control like economic stability, illness, family environment, etc. Without proper guidance or coping mechanisms, individuals are unable to channel or express the reverberation of these events. Without coping skills, what is left is someone who deals with these events choosing the best options available to them, usually, in a negative way. WOTSO emphasizes the dependability of Jesus to strengthen oneself in the face of an unstable world.


Word on the Street Ohio’s mission is to transform lives by the power of God’s word and living out Jesus’ mandate to preach the good news to those who are in desperate need of healing and spiritual freedom. WOTSO is a ministry dedicated to helping individuals start a healing process to enrich their lives. The ministry will use the success story of former at-risk persons as an example of what is possible if leadership and dedication are embraced. Through dialogue, mentoring, and activities, WOTSO targets and exposes the inner turmoil and hurt that attributed to the behavior.

KDC is a collaborator and serves as the lead consultant for WOTSO’s Re-Entry and Celebrate Recovery programs.